sunnuntai 22. syyskuuta 2013

20-21 September. AquilaDeux to winter rest

 It is still green around, but autumn comes fast. Next wee the weather forecast is presuming even frozen nights. It is time to accept the truth that the Sailing season is over in  these latitudes.

Jaska and Pasi joined the transfer crew. Naturally the Skipper also participated. The weather was warm and almost windless - so we used the engine for the transfer.

Exactly like the previous year we targeted to Sulkaniemi for the first night. Sulkaniemi is an Island owned by Merenkävijät (the sailing club where AquilaDeux is a member).

 When we arrived at Sulkaniemi we first opened red wine bottle to toast for the nice trip. Naturally we went to the Sauna for the evening and enjoyned dinner afterwards. The Sauna was well heated. Thanks for the previous visitors.

                                         AquilaDeux in the middle of calm Autumn moment
 In Sulkaniemi there was three other yachts that arrived before us. In the morning we targeted to Loviisa, where AquilaDeux is always wintering in Loviisan veneveistämö - a local wharf.
The day was totally windless - and also rainless - so we used again the Diesel power to move and we all reached Loviisa dry and were also able to pack the sails dry for winter.
Thanx Jaska and Pasi.

lauantai 14. syyskuuta 2013

14th of September 2014. Another Saturday when AQ2 beats S/Y Sunday

                                         AquilaDeux moored waiting for the match race.
                                         Decision: No coefficients used.
                                         Route from Vyborg Stone to the Särkkä. 

                                         Our Crew: Skippers mother. The "Skipperin"

                                          Skippers sis' Mirja. The "pocket rocket"

                                         On the deck you see Helmi and Milla (Mirja's children).
                                         The Yacht behind is a racer S/Y Sunday with 100%
                                         experienced crew. Skippered by Erkki the AQ2 Skip's

                                         And here you see also Kalle (Mirja's son, also called
                                        "Popeye the Sailor") on the rope excercise with Helmi

After a short meeting o shore we decided to match around Santahamina to Särkkä.
Wind was blowing fro E -SE about 6 m/s (perfect!) - Goal was on the west so we sailed on open fair wind. AquilaDeux has a possibility to use Spinnaker (not really with this crew) And S/Y Sunday used Gennaker (Which is really well done because Erkki was alone in his Ultra-fast racing boat Finngulf 33).

We sailed quite close to each other, but S/Y Sunday was not able to pass us. AQ2 crossed the finishing line first.

Fantastic sunny Day. Thank You crew! Thank You Erkki!

sunnuntai 8. syyskuuta 2013

Filling up the tanks

Another fantasic sunny day in Helsinki. Today we packed the crew to the boat and targeted to the filling station to fill the tanks with Diesel and add anti-bacterial growth media.

Tanks are now filled. Nice sailing Day. Thanx Matias and Laura.

Within two weeks back to the whrf for winter.

sunnuntai 25. elokuuta 2013

Another Sunday sailing Day

 At noon the crew arrived (skippers' sis') and we threw the ropes to the docks. Outside the Villinki Island just after the Vyborg's rock we set the sails up.

The wind was blowing  SW 3-4 m/s so we got quite nice front wind. Our speed even reached 6,5 knots under these conditions. We sailed around Santahamina, Suomenlinna, Särkkä and so on... Finally we sailed slowly in from the Sea port (merisatama).
 After merisatama we set the headsail back and sailed until we reached the Santahamina Bridge where we took the sails down.
 Sister was very capable as crew! Real deckmonkey?
Finally at the homedocks. Nice day. Could have been longer!

sunnuntai 18. elokuuta 2013

16-18th of August Helsinki-Tallinn race 2013

 This year we participated in LYS  2 class. The goal is first of all get over the finish line and secondary to beat S/Y Sunday where the Skipper's bro sailed. Our start was 19.38.30 and SY/Sunday crossed the start line at 19.49.00.

The start went fine (or we thought so). Five minutes after the start we managed to get the kite up and we probably won two thre extra minutes by using it. The first leg from Start line to Helsinki lighthouse went OK. As always the results are done in the dark night between Helsinki and Tallinn lighthouses.

This time after passing the lighthouse we continued with the W-SW wind until the wind shifted. The timing of the turn was perfect. Directly to the Tallinn lighthouse. We arrived in the finish line at 04.10. Our position was that time the 26th. The night was very bright and the visibility was excellent. Wind was also favourable for us (7-10 m/s) and the old heavy boat also behaved well in the waves.
 In the morning we checked the result list and noticed that we got a 25 minutes penalty from too early start (2 seconds!). Luckily it dropped us only four positions and in the end we were 30/39 participants. Even with the extra 25 minutes we kept S/Y Sunday behind.
 On the Saturday evening we had the traditional grill-party with the S/Y Sunday crew. A lot of fun!

 On Sunday the 19th we started at 11 with a race with S/Y sunday back home. Fantastic day. Sun shined and we had a possibility to sail with spinnaker over 7 hours.

Finally we moored in home port at 11.00. Next year a we race again.

perjantai 16. elokuuta 2013

Helsinki-Tallinn race 2013

Today the 16th of August at 19.38.30 AquilaDeux starts in Helsinki-Tallinn race. Weather forecast. 7-9 m/s W-SW.

Standard crew:
- Petri as  THE skipper
- Jaska as a steerman
- Stidi as a strategist
- Pekka and Anssi are the deck crew

Tomorrow we see the results.

Follow the link to see the location in the real time: