tiistai 14. kesäkuuta 2016

14th of June, back to Helsinki

We started our trip at 9.00. The weather was almost perfect (could be warmer), but 16 degrees was ok for the morning and the sun shined a lot (not a single cloud on the sky. Wind from West- SouthWest 4-7 m/s. The temperature rised so in Helsinki it was already 20 degrees.

We arrived in Helsinki and moored in Särkkä at 18.15. Fantastic day. Perfect weather!

Thank you mr. Crew!

Monday the 13th waiting for the new crew

The port was not very full on Monday morning. Spending time by wondering around the old city. Just before the dawn some German yachts arrived in the port.
And 2145 the crew arrived.
                We went to berths already before midnight to be prepared next days long sailing

12 of June, reaching the skies and filling the ratios

After excellent breakfast the crew ran for shopping. They found a huge lot of interesting drinks around world. We packed them all in the yacht to add ballast weight.
Then we went to Tallinn TV-Tower. In the top there is really an excellent food and ...
one of us tested the walking on the edge. Very brave!
                                                                         Simple salad
                                                                    Pork cheek - yummy!
                                                         one square meter dessert

After the meal the crew went back to Helsinki by ships. Leaving the skipper alone in the yacht to wait the new crew.

Thank You ladies!

11the of June To Tallinn. Filling the ratios

Saturday we started at 8.30 when the all-female crew (except the captain) arrived to the yacht. After making all the preparations we finally set our towards Tallinn.

The weather was nice, wind blowing around 8-12 m/s from the north. It has lasted already for a while so the waves were medium size maximum about 2,5 meters.

Three out of the four ladies decided to feed the fish, because of so called "rough weather".
In the evening we visited restaurant "Chicago". Excellent food and nice athmospere.

                                                           ....and HUGE GT. Cheers!

maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2016

Monday the 6th of June 2016 Inspected

Inspector visited the Yacht.. Everything was properly checked and fine.

Stamp for 2016 added.

maanantai 30. toukokuuta 2016

29th of may, Sunday sailing....

In the afternoon professional crew arrived at time so we left to have a short leg in Front of Helsinki. We transferred the yacht via Santahamina drawridge to the open sea where we set the sails.

The weather was improving all the time so we got fair winds and a lot of sunshine. We also enjoyed the home-made salted salmon(Delicious!) spiced with Gin and special Carrot-Carelian-Pies topped with mushroom-salad (what an excellent composition).

 Around seven o'clock we ended the sailing in Särkkä and continued for a while with a sip of white in the Mattolaituri-restaurant in Helsinki Kaivopuisto.

sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2016

28th of May 2016, The season started again!

28th May2016: Loviisa-Helsinki

We started from Loviisa båtsnickeri at 10.00. Practically no wind at all. In Gabböle we filled the diesel in the tank. The yacht jammed a little bit at the filling station, the docking place seems to be too swallow for aq2, but on the light weather is ok place to fill.

In front of Helsinki we met Captain Erkki with his speedboat. Erkki proposed us us a can of Great Estonian beer. The offer was accepted with great gratitude and the can was transferred from his boat to AQ2.

We arrived in Helsinki in Särkkä at 20.15.

After mooring we enjoyed very dinner at restaurant Särkänlinna, together with captain Erkki and his friends. Erkki paid so I owe one.

 PS. Excellent Gt! From Helsinki distilleries!