sunnuntai 21. elokuuta 2016

Helsinki - Tallin race 2016


As explained this year crew was a little bit different. Me (Petri, was still the skipper), Janne was a steerman and the rest of the cre were Erkki, Antti, Ipu, Per and Antti.

We started at 19.23.30 towards Tallinn. The weather conditions were very variable from practically no wind up to 10 m/s.. The start was excellent, being first of four Yachts starting the same time.

We finished the race at 6.02.01 being 19 of 36 yachts in our class. Not bad, because we really screwed the end of the route by small misunderstanding of the goal area (at least four positions).

AquilaDeux behaved well and moved fast when there was wind. The crew was well motivated and fresh all over the route. She is a lovely lady.

Saturday evening we had our own party in Telliskivi.

Sunday Morning the skipper had to leave with bro Erkki and Pekka- Me and my bro to participate my daughters sons babtism (Eemi Ansel was his name, blessings to him, hope he will be a great sailor!)

Under a command of Ipu, Antti, Janne and Per sailed Aq2 back to the homedocks in the Särkkä.

Thank you my friends again or the great opportinity of sailing and fellowship. Without you not possible.

perjantai 19. elokuuta 2016

19th of august 2016. Helsinki-Taliinn race 2016

AquilaDeux will start after 19.00 hrs. New crew. Petri (Skipper, lower piano)), Janne (steering), Pekka (lower piano), Erkki (crew officer), Ipu, Per and Antti (deck crew).

The regatta will start this year with a parade of Yachts passing Helsinki Center.


keskiviikko 10. elokuuta 2016

More pro photos from Swan 50th anniversary regatta

 Here are some more pro pictures from Oras Swan 50th anniversary regatta (Turku).

Photos are taken by Kari Heikkilä

torstai 4. elokuuta 2016

AquilaDeux In Swan 50th aniiversary regatta -pro pics

Here are pictures taken by photographer James Robinson Taylor

tiistai 2. elokuuta 2016

31st of July Parade of Swans on the river Aura - 1st of August back to home docks

31st of July was the last day of Regatta. Part of the old crew left. Thanks Annsi, Jaska, Stidi and Erkki. Petri (Skipper) and Aksu stood and some new crew members arrived.

The day started with a parade on the river Aura.. Around 100 the most beautiful Yachts sailed in a Parade along the river Aura. The Swan-flags as well the Signal Flags were all up during the parade.

After parade we all sailed to our own directions. We sailed the whole day with pleasure. The wind was 8-10 m/s from sw-s direction. Sun shined, speed was high! Perfect Day!

We decided to stay overnight in Hanko (to sleep and eat hangover-pizza in the Classic Pizza).

1st of August we continued to Helsinki and arrived in the home docks (Särkkä) at 22.00.

Thank you Aksu, Elina Anu and Marsa. It was a great pleasure to have you all in the transfer crew.

30th of July Swan regatta the second day

The second Day race went exactly like the first day (2/4 of Swan 371's that participated on the race). Not so bad....

The evening was totally reserved for the crew. Turun Pursiseura organized the crew party together with Oras. Excellent party with excellent food and drinks. Thanks to TPS and Oras!

The whole regatta was well organized, not only the races but also the festivities. Thank You Nautor, Thank you Turku, Thank You Sponsors.