sunnuntai 17. heinäkuuta 2016

12th of July new crew arrived

12th of June the new crew arrived. I hope they enjoy the summer and AQ2 fully.

The blog returns the 28th of July (Turku Swan archipelago regatta)

maanantai 11. heinäkuuta 2016

11th of July to Mariehamn

 Early mornig we transfered aq2 to Mariehamn. Originally our target was the classic western port, but heavy rain let us decide to stay in the eastern port.

Tomorrow comes new crew (bro E and his family), they will sail in the archipelago and transfer the yacht in Turku where the Swan-Regatta is in the end of July.

10th of July early morning Tick-alert and to Kastelholm

 The morning was shocking: Skipper was bitten! He checked the wound and there was red ring around it....

As always the captain stayed calm and called immediately to the doctor ( thanks Niina) to get all the necessary antibiotics.

So we set our sails to Kastelholm, where we got medicine and enjoyed the beautiful evening.

9th of July over the Kihtifjärd to Sottunga (in Åland)

 The day started without any wind. So we engined over Kihtifjärd to Sottunga. Sottunga is the smallest city in Finland (only 101 inhabitants).

There is a small church located near the port. Sottunga is also well known for a very strong tick-population (maybe Kumlinge even more...)
We spent our day in café and the evening in the Yacht. The place is worth visiting.

8th of July an exellent sailing day to Korpoström

 Finally Sauna and good food!

6-7th of July, Björkö. higher winds and extra night in the safe haven

The day started with promising winds, that reached higher and higher speeds all day long (we managed to break reefed genoa) until  we reached Björkö. We decided to stay an extra day there because of the weather.

Björkö is an absolutely interesting and beautiful Island just in the edge of the sea. The island has a small inner sweet water lake where we wet our toes.

The second day we wondered around the lake and island. The forecast promised much better weather to Thursday.

The same evening we made a decision to change the destination from Sandhamn to Mariehamn. I hope it is also OK to mr E and his family.

keskiviikko 6. heinäkuuta 2016

5th July to Högsåra

 The previous evening was long, so we were able to leave Hanko only at 12.30. The wind was high on speed and unfortunately directly against us. We had to use the engine the whole time (with small help of sails)

Near Hiittinen we noticed Sea-Eagles nest on the top of a lighthouse. We were in Hogsara at 18.00 and set an anchor there on a bay.

Special bacon-meat-cream-pasta filled our stomachs. Early evening we all fell asleep.