lauantai 25. heinäkuuta 2015

25th July. Beautiful Saturday pique nique

Today was fantastique sailing day to perform small pique nique in the front of Helsinki.

Sun shined - Light Winds. Such a beautiful day.

keskiviikko 22. heinäkuuta 2015

20th of July back home. Excellent trip!

 We started around 10.00 after a good sleep. We set our course towards Helsinki -back home! We enjoyed the last pieces of ratios purchased from Rauma (for example gravlax from the Baltic sea - best ever! And some flamed trout with new potatoes).
 On the porkkala sea we passed smaller yachts...
 After Porkkala we were even capapble to set some sails for a while.
 While reaching Helsinki, we had small rain showers and we caught  very beautiful rainbow shots
Pihlajasaari looked very colorful at the dawn.

We finally moored in Särkkä after 20.00 in the evening. Quickly cleaned the Yacht and finally went home to sleep.

Excellent small adventure for the summer 2015.

Thank you all who participated on this tour.

19th of July - Perfect weather towards Hanko (and further...)

 The day started with nice fresh wind +8 m/s up to 11 m/s. It gave Aq2 nice speed (top speed 8 knots). The miles were collected quite easily so while raching Hanko we decided to continue further.The weather was so fantastic. Full sailing day!

We stayed overnight in Byxholma island (natural port). Erkki came to support us for the docking. Nice place to be. There are hundreds of these marked island in Finland to stay over. Thank you Uuusimaa Region to organize this (Buoys + Sauna + outhouse + fireplace organized by the regional government).

18th of July Selkämeri. Some really heavy rains and strong wind ahead

We started by filling the tanks at 8.00 in the morning.In the morning there was practically no winds but the forecast promised heavy winds and rains for the afternoon.

Somewhere in front of Uusikaupunki the wind started to raise and we also got light rain for the taste.

Just before Kustavi the forewind was heavy (blowing over 15 m/s) and it was raining so that we got totally wet.

When reaching Kustavi we decided to stay in Lootholma Marina (and holiday-center). In the local restaurant we tasted excelent whitefish and Pearch! Good Kitchen!

15-17th of July staying in Rauma

 Old Rauma City is quite charming for any visitor.
 Local street art.
 Small shops and bakeries around....

Meet Rauma to feel it yourself!

The new crew arrived on Friday night. Tomorrow there should be an early start, because the winds will be higher and we should be in Helsinki in three days....

14th of July Low but head wind - little bit of sailing - little bit more using the engine

We kept the sails up (sometimes little helped with the engine) until we reached the Uusikaupunki level. There the route started to be too narrow so we continued with engine alone towards Rauma. We still had to beat the clock. Nice sunny day.
We also met real sailing ships on the way....
Rauma from the sea. A lot of Industry and a large commercial port. In Raume there is the second largest Toilet-paper factory in the World! Happy Toileting ;)!
 AquilaDeux reached the Syvärauma Marina (totally renewed, fantastic clean place with excellent docs. Fully equipped with showers + bar!
 Naturally we hurried up to the City with stidi to get something to eat. We were quite hungry after the long leg. Almost all the restaurants were already closed, but in the end Chicken wings and Pork ribs combined with fried potatoes tasted good.

Good day - good sleep in the night.

13th of July through Turku Archipelago

 From the beginning of the day, we knew it will be long. Beacuse to Reach Rauma in two days is quite a long trip for any yacht. Luckily we got fair winds and early start (we left Hanko before 8.00 in the Morning)
 Here we pass the "archipelago gate" Kasnäslandet
 Sailing through Turku Archipelago. Long nice open waters. Strange high islands.

 Reaching the sunset and arriving to Teersalo, north part of Archipelago. Just before Kustavi Island (gate to the Selkämeri).
 AquilaDeux Moored in Teersalo at 22.00 in the evening.
We were the last legal customers in the local bar Vanha Salakuljettaja to have a sip of Beer before sleep.

What a nice sailing day!