maanantai 14. elokuuta 2017

14th of August Karlskrona

Early morning/late night AquilaDeux reached Karslkrona. Tomorrow morning the Skipper and henchman Per will arrive to the Yacht to continue race with Petri V.

Lotta and Juho will return to Helsinki Via Kastrup.

sunnuntai 13. elokuuta 2017

12th of August -13th of august owards Karslkrona

AquilaDeux forwarding to Karlskrona for a crew change. Also the skipper got green light from the doctors o participate

Approximate arrival the 14t in the morning.

keskiviikko 9. elokuuta 2017

tiistai 8. elokuuta 2017

8th of August towards Flensburg

Today the crew collescted to transfer AquilaDeux to Flensburg. The crew includes following people: Lotta - The Skipper
Petri - the 2nd officer and Chief engineer
Juho - Deckmaster

The trip started from Särkkä at 10.00. The plan is to sail via Visby to Flensburg.

Unfortunately the original Skipper cannot take part on this trip. Envy....

One can follow the trip from link

maanantai 19. kesäkuuta 2017

18th of June back to Särkkä

Today was not very nice weather. First of all it was cloudy - secondly the wind was absolutely against us. So after nice breakfast we propelled towards Särkkä. In Särkkä we had to wait for a while because the Regatta organized by Merenkävijät was still reserving our homedocks.

Finally we moored.

17th of June setting up the mainsail and towards Kitö

Firs wakie up then we navigated to the City of Porvoo to have Brunch. We found a very nice restaurant called "Posres" where we enjoyed fantastic breakfast. Enough for the whole Day!
 Porvoo is an old charming city that still has a lot of wooden buildings left. Old Porvoo is a colourful place with small artisan boutiques and Restaurants. Worth place to visit to any sailor (Yacht depth about 2 meter maximum).

 After filling ourselves we started to work with the mainsail. Finally we got it on the boom. Then we said goodbye to Mari who had go back to Helsinki.

From Porvoo we sailed to Hamari for Diesel and moreover to Kitö to Juha's&Mari's (a friendly port) - to enjoy summer evening.

16th of June to Porvoo

After work day we started from Särkkä towards Porvoo. It was quite warm evening and we used engine to reach Porvoo. The guest harbor was reached at 22.00.

Nice evening - we got also light dinner and some drinks on the bar in the port.

lauantai 20. toukokuuta 2017

20th of May. Via Sulkaniemi to home docks

After a delicious breakfast and filling some extra fuel to the engine we started towards west. Afyer about two hours we were very close to Sulkaniemi. So we decided to visit there for a w.hile

Sulkaniemie was excellent choice to enjoy the company of other sailor and to trim the mast and connect all the wires (Lightning, radar and meters). 

Finally we set our course to Särkkä where will be an inspection on Monday.

May 19 towards Helsinki!

Started from Loviisa at 16.00. Very Warm
 weather  -more than plus twenty centigrade the wind came from West so we engined uintil 21.00 we reached Pellinki- wjere we sayed overnight.
Very beautiful evening, really warm day. Maybe the first really warm in Finland this Year!

keskiviikko 1. helmikuuta 2017

Opening the sailing season 2017

The Helsinki boatshow starts the 10th of February 2017 ( ).

We will start officially the new season by visiting the boatshow.

keskiviikko 21. syyskuuta 2016

19-20th of September to the Wintering Place (Loviisa)

We left with Jaska  Sarkkä (homedocks) at 16.00. After three hours of combined sailing - motoring we reached our yachting clubs island in Sipoo - Sulkaniemi.

In the start we had some troubles (again) to set the gear on the moving position (backwards works perfectly). Trouble could be the propeller or gearbox (or both). It seems that the folding propeller just have to be opened and cleaned properly).

In Sulkaniemi we had a dinner and enjoyed fine summer/autumn evening. Food was simple: Garlic potatoes and meatballs, sipped down with boom-boom wine (thank You Anssi ).

 Tuesday morning we had the same problem with propeller/gearbox again. After 15 minutes of fighting we finally set our target to Loviisa,

This winter we have to check several points in the Yacht: Propeller/Gearbox, Batteries also the headsail needs to be serviced this winter (UV-shade has to be changed time after time).

More or less excellent Summer and sailing Year 2016. More than 1000 nautical miles sailing. New experiences (The attractive Swan regatta where we noticed the thrill of smaller tracks compared to Helsinki-Tallinn race where the big issue is the weather ;)).

Anyway Helsinki Tallinn-Race probably has to be experienced the next summer again. That will be the 25th anniversary for that race and 12th time to AquilaDeux.

The Skipper wants to thank you all of making this summer. Thank You, Marsa, Erkki, Jaska, Anssi, Pekka, Stidi, Aksu, Pete, Susanna, Janne, Antti, Ipu, Per, Pasi, Kirsi, Anu, Elina and Oili (if someones name is missing please remind me). Thank You extra - independent crews (Jaska with Markus, Erkki with his family and Ipu + friends) You all earned now a licence to sail Aq2 whenever.

Extra thanks to Jaska and Janne for the great work as a steerman in Swan regatta and HTR. Special thanks to Erkki to be a great deck officer.

sunnuntai 21. elokuuta 2016

Helsinki - Tallin race 2016


As explained this year crew was a little bit different. Me (Petri, was still the skipper), Janne was a steerman and the rest of the cre were Erkki, Antti, Ipu, Per and Antti.

We started at 19.23.30 towards Tallinn. The weather conditions were very variable from practically no wind up to 10 m/s.. The start was excellent, being first of four Yachts starting the same time.

We finished the race at 6.02.01 being 19 of 36 yachts in our class. Not bad, because we really screwed the end of the route by small misunderstanding of the goal area (at least four positions).

AquilaDeux behaved well and moved fast when there was wind. The crew was well motivated and fresh all over the route. She is a lovely lady.

Saturday evening we had our own party in Telliskivi.

Sunday Morning the skipper had to leave with bro Erkki and Pekka- Me and my bro to participate my daughters sons babtism (Eemi Ansel was his name, blessings to him, hope he will be a great sailor!)

Under a command of Ipu, Antti, Janne and Per sailed Aq2 back to the homedocks in the Särkkä.

Thank you my friends again or the great opportinity of sailing and fellowship. Without you not possible.